The Sentry Companies

Sentry Cares


Sentry is committed to the health and wellness of it's Associates and Team. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018 - The Sentry Team met up at SWERVE Fitness Studio in Midtown Manhattan for a night of sweat and smoothies. The 45 minute indoor cycling class is based on team events and truly brings out the competitive spirit in all of us.  

Sentry's Green Initiative

Sentry Hospitality is proud to announce that we have partnered with GEC Communities Inc. ( in an effort to protect the environment and combat climate change in a socially responsible way. Sentry Corporate and specifically Sentry Meetings & Concierge, LLC has offset the carbon footprint of all of the hospitality, conference, and event space it owns or operates. Sentry has specifically accomplished this by acquiring a quantity of REDD carbon credits (offsets) equal to their carbon footprint. These credits were generated as a result of GEC Communities Inc. working with an African nation to protect the rain forest from deforestation. 

"We are excited to participate in this green initiative and to become part of the carbon neutral community," - Mark Magarity, CEO, The Sentry Companies